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The chief objective of R.B.V.R.R. society was to impart better education with Hostel Facility for Rural Reddy Community. To implement the objective “8” acre land was purchased in Mubaraknagar Village which is 3Kms away from Nizamabad Municipality. This village is in Nizamabad Rural.

Sri. B. Jeevan Reddy Garu and his brother Sri B. Sitaram Reddy Garu donated 1 Lakh rupee for Hostel building construction which was later named after their father Benjaram Bhooma Reddy (BBR). Sri Bhooma Reddy an Advocate by profession was born in Ambaripet village of Kamareddy Mandal. He had great aims and thoughts towards the society. In those days he had started a school for scheduled caste people at his house. The foundation stone for Hostel Building was laid on 31-01-1982 by Justice Sri B. Jeevan Reddy Garu in 3 acre land. Hostel has started functioning from the year 1985 with a strength of 15 students. In rolling years its strength has increased to 240 students. Hostel committee looks into the day to day administration.

Hostel committee constitutes of Chairman –V.P II. of Executive Committee – 3 male members and 1 female member.

Chairman Mr. Jagan Reddy, Members – Mr. Krishna Reddy (Lecturer), Mr. Madhusudhan Reddy (Lecturer), Mr. Malla Reddy (Ex-Principal of R.B.V.R.R. High School), Mrs. Suchithra Reddy (S.A) are nominated for hostel committee for the year 2009-2011.

There are 4 matrons, 1-store keeper and 15 menial staff to look into daily chores.

Hostel is well furnished with four dormitories – each accommodating 50 students with individual cots and shelves. Every dormitory has individual warden room to supervise the students. Separate dormitories for boys and girls. Separate building for High School girls was constructed in the year 2008-09. it is named after Sri Katpally. Ananth Reddy garu. He hails from Shatapur Village Renjal Mandal and leading advocate of Nizamabad. There is separate study hall for High School students separate TV’s are provided in boys and girls dormitory. Each dormitory is provided with separate toilets and heaters. In the year 2006 a new dining hall with modern kitchen was constructed to accommodate 500 students and was inaugurated by justice Sri B. Jeevan Reddy and speaker Sri K. Suresh Reddy. Mineral Water plant with softner of 2000 liters capacity was installed in the year 2005. To accommodate the need of school and hostel students, 4000 lit. capacity water plant was inaugurated on 22nd August, 2009. This was donated by Smaat Aqua Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and inaugurated by Sri.Karunakara Reddy. A well maintained 2 acre play ground is attached to Hostel. 500 mts running track, provision for Basket Ball, Volley ball, cricket..Daily morning from 5.00 a.m. – 5.45 a.m. children are taken for jogging in the ground. 24 hrs telephone facility is available in the premises.

The process of Admission: Students studying in R.B.V.R.R High School are only given admission in the Hostel.

  • For the admission into Hostel – Entrance is conducted as per the vacancies in classes from PP to X.
  • For PPI admission – Notification is given on February 1st (in all local News papers) and interview is conducted in march of every year.

Fee Structure: Depends on the decision of the committee

  • Every year fee concession is given to 10% students who are economically backward.

The fee structure for the year 2009-10 is as:

Sl. No Class Fee per term Fee per Annum


si . no. Class Fee per Month Fee per Year
1) PPI, PPII, I    
2) II to V    
3) VI to VII    
4) VIII to X    
The students availing fee concession are :


Sl. No Name of the Student Name of the Father Class Concession

  • 1 A. Shreya Naveen Reddy PP II C 50%
  • 2 S. Shaina Reddy S. Devendher Reddy PP II B Full
  • 3 P. Vaishnavi P. Rajendher Reddy PP II A Full
  • 4 P. Nimitha P. Prabhakar Reddy PP I B 50%
  • 5 P. Sampath Reddy P. Vilas Reddy PP II A Full
  • 6 S. Swetha Late Indreasen Reddy (Smt. Sudha Rani) III B Full
  • 7 P. Sai Shreya Reddy Late Ranga Reddy (Smt. Parvathi) III B Full
  • 8 D. Yuvan Reddy Late Ramesh Reddy III C Full
  • 9 K. Rajeshwar Reddy Kavitha W/o Shobhan Reddy IV A Full
  • 10 P. Rohan Reddy Late P. Rajashekar Reddy V Full
  • 11 A. Sindhuja Smt. Kalyani W/o Shobhan Reddy VI Full
  • 12 A. Anirudh Reddy Smt. Subashini W/o Muthyam Reddy VI Full
  • 13 N. Abilash Reddy Narsa Reddy VI Full
  • 14 G. Anvesh Reddy C. Narendher Reddy VII 50%
  • 15 M. Jaipal Reddy Swarnmalatha W/o Srinivas Reddy VII Full
  • 16 P. Alek Reddy Naryan Reddy VII Full
  • 17 Shruthvin Reddy Smt. Sujatha W/o Late Narsimha Reddy VII Full
  • 18 G. Rithishika G. Bhoopathi Reddy VIII Full
  • 19 G. Sudheer Reddy G. Venkat Ramana Reddy IX 50%
  • 20 Anil Kishore Reddy Late Ramchander Reddy (Smt. Lalitha Sujatha Reddy) IX Full
  • 21 S. Anvitha S.A. Padma Reddy X Full
  • 22 M. Sneha M. Narsimha Reddy III Full
  • 23 G. Yogesh Reddy Saya Reddy II C Full
  • 24 Rithika Reddy P Late Madhusudhan Reddy III B Full
  • 25 N. Pranathi Reddy Late Shirish Reddy III B Full
  • 26 G. Viakash Reddy Kishan Reddy VII C Full
  • 27 A. Harshan Reddy Muthyam Reddy IX B Full
  • 28 A. Akhila Shailander Reddy IX B Full
  • 29 S. Rakesh Reddy Late Hanmanth Reddy IX C Full

Rules & Regulations : Every Child taken admission should strictly follow the rules and regulation of Hostel.

  • 1) The Required items specified should be brought by the students in the beginning of the academic year.
  • 2) Every student should deposit as amount of Rs.3000/- caution fund. (Amount depends on Management decision)
  • 3) Every child should pay the fees on time every term.
  • 4) Discipline should be maintained in the campus.
  • 5) Should follow the time table strictly.
  • 6) No child should use mobile phones.
  • 7) No child should call the parent in unscheduled hour.
  • 8) Toilets should be kept clean and tidy.
  • 9) Beds should be set and shelves maintained neatly.
  • 10) Discipline in Dining Hall should be maintained.
  • 11) Students from 4th class should wash their own socks.
  • 12) Dresses should be collected as specified in the time table.
  • 13) No child is allowed to go out of the campus without permission.
  • 14) No child is allowed to meet the parents / relatives without permission.

  • Every Second Sunday morning 8.00 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Any relative other than parent by first guardian visiting should get permission letter from the parent and guardian.

Need of Requirements:

Sl. No Requirements Quantity

  • Bed 1
  • Blanket (Brown Colour) 1
  • White Single Bed Sheets 4
  • White Towel 2
  • Games Uniform 3 Pairs
  • School Uniform, Brown colour pant and cream colour shirts 3 pairs
  • Socks white colour 4 pairs
  • Black shoe 1 pair
  • White shoe, convers 1 pair
  • Sports shoe 1 pair
  • Slippers, rubber chapels 1 pair
  • Trunk 1
  • Sweater brown 1
  • Colour dresses 4 pairs
  • Toilet kit 1
  • Handkerchief 6
  • Ribbons 2 pairs
  • Napkins 3
  • Under wears 6
  • Banions white colour 4
  • Slips white colour 4
  • School Bag, Bata 1
  • Parents photo Address and Phone No.
  • Guardian photo Address and Phone No.
  • Candidate / Student Photo
  • Bucket 1
  • Mug 1
  • Night Dress for Girls (Pink Colour Checks 3 pairs
  • Night dress for boys ( blue checks) 3 pairs




Time Scheduled Chart:

Weekly Menu decided by the committee in the beginning of the academic year

Monday Upma – Chutney, Milk Egg Curry, Sambar, Vegetable Curry, Curd, Rice Flakes, Milk Vegetable Curry, Dal / Sambar, Rasam,Curd.

Idli,Ground Nuts Chutney

Vegetable Curry,
Sambar,Rasam,Pickle, Curd.

Corn Flakes,Milk

Vegetable Curry,  Dal,


Mysore Bajji,
Groundnuts Chutney,

Egg Curry,Dal,
Rasam,Vegetarian Curry,Curd.


Vegetable Curry,  Sambar,


Idly,Ground Nuts Chutney,

Vegetable Curry,Sambar,

Sweets, Kara, Milk

Vegetable Curry,  Dal,


Toasted Bread,
Bread - Jam, Milk

Egg Curry,Veg. Curry,Sambar,
Rasam / Pickle,Curd.

Pakodi / Kara Bundi,Milk

Vegetable Curry,  Dal,


Idly,Ground Nuts Chutney,

Veg. Curry,Dal,

Fruits, Milk

Veg. Curry,
Sambar / Rasam, Pickle,Curd


Potato / Chole Curry,Milk

Chicken, Veg. Curry
Rasam, Sambar,

Sweet, Biscuits,Milk.

Veg. Curry,Dal,
Rasam / Pickle,Curd

Academic Standard:

Children are given specific timings for study. Study hours in the morning and evening are conducted under the supervision of well experienced tutors.

Time to time meetings is held with tutors by the committee members.

A parent meeting is conducted once in 3 months after every term exam.


All Important Festivals are celebrated like
  • Vinayaka Chathurthi
  • Krishnastami
  • Christmas
  • Holi, Diwali, New Year day.