S.No Year Vice President Correspondent Members

1)The society was started purely with a service motto, and has been striving for it all these years. As we all know that there are many people in our community who cannot afford good and quality education.

2) So, the society started way back in 1981 keeping the society needs in particular and community needs in general in the field of education.

3) The school started functioning in the academic year 1981-1982 in a rented building at Kanteshwar, Nizamabad. Rs.43,000/- was collected by organizing a charity show. The school started with only Pre-Primary I class with a restricted strength of 30 pupils. Two graduates Smt. G. Kusumalatha Reddy and Miss Padmavathi Reddy went to study the Montessori system of Education at Tarapurwala Montessori School. A mixed system of education – Traubel’s and Montessori methods – is being adopted here.

4) Foundation stone for school building construction was laid on 31st January, 1982. Sri G. Keshpally Ganga Reddy Garu who gave financial support and the block constructed was named after his father Sri G. Raja Reddy Garu.

5) School building was inaugurated on 9th July, 1983 in 6 acres land in Mubaraknagar 3kms away from Nizamabad town.

6) Ever since the inception in 1981, RBVRR School has made impressive progress in the field of Education and has stood number one in the entire district.

The Education Committee comprise of nine members headed by Chairman – V.P. II.

It’s Main aim is to lay a sound educational foundation for an all-round development of children (mostly rural community) so as to prepare them for a brighter future. The school is semi-residential started with 30 students and 2 staff members is presently catering the needs of 1200 students from nursery to tenth classes with 3 sections in each class with 75 teaching staff and non-teaching members. Nursery was started in the year 2004 for our second generation students. The motto of the school is “FAITH AND LOYALITY”. The school is recognized by the government of Andhra Pradesh to offer secondary school certificate at the end of the class X with English as medium of Instruction.

The Main Objective of the school is

  • (i) to achieve the best possible academic standard
  • (ii) To enable the child to develop the talent in extra & co-curricular activities
  • (iii) To impart education through modern technological means.

1) The beautiful and Spacious campus of R.B.V.R.R which gives an appearance of an university is large enough to provide all the resources a parent expects from an excellent school

(2) Latest designing of class room, furniture, Laboratory facilities, lunch hall, separate play ground for primary, pre-primary, student activity room – the facilities which provide for the life style that enhances success academically socially and physically. In addition to this we have well equipped laboratories, library and Audio/Visual rooms etc.


a) Science Lab: It is located in spacious hall designed and well equipped for the purpose of conducting experiments in life sciences and physical sciences.

b) Computer Lab: Our school was the 1st school to introduce computer education from primary level onwards. Our computer lab boasts of many colour multimedia systems. There are two Audio Visual rooms where Educational CD’s are provided in all subjects to all standards to understand the concepts. Every section gets the chance of visiting the lab twice in a week. There is a proposal to start English Language lab to impart education through modern technological means.


“The Treasure of Knowledge and peace”

It is well equipped with 2700 books along with

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • periodicals
  • encyclopedias
  • reference books
  • subjects CD’s in all three languages.
Every year books worth of Rs.20,000 are added to the library. Library period is provided to the students from 1st class once in a week. Students are helped and encouraged to select useful books.


Conveyance is provided to the students with 6 buses running on specified timings. Students are strictly prohibited coming on 2 wheelers.

Play Ground:

‘A sound mind is a sound body’ The sprawling 9 acre campus accommodates standard size athletic track
  • Cricket Nets
  • full size foot ball field
  • Basket Ball court
  • Huge ground which can accommodate 4500 students
  • multipurpose sports complex for Table Tennis
  • Badminton, Skating Rink is provided.

For Nursery & PPI – Notification is given on Feb 1st, Applications are issued for 2 days as per the date mentioned in the notice.

II Batch of Nursery admission is done in November

Admissions to PP II to X classes is – As per the vacancies – Entrance (as per the notification) is conducted in 5 subjects (Telugu, Hindi, English, Maths, Science) for 25 marks.

Fee Structure:


si . no. Class Fee per Month Fee per Year
1) PPI, PPII, I 450.00 5400.00
2) II to V 475.00 5700.00
3) VI to VII 525.00 6300.00
4) VIII to X 600.00 7200.00

10% of students avail fee concession.

Rules & Regulations:

Glimpses of RBVRR Success:

1. Limited Strength: To give individual attention to the pupil and to make teaching more effective we stick to limited strength.

2. Successful Result: The ever lasting success of our institution is the out come of dedicated teachers under efficient management with support of parents and definitely hard work put up by children. The school achieved 100% result in X with all first class till date. Keeping the success ladder in mind IIT foundation course was introduced in the year 2007 for classes VIII & IX in collaboration with Matrusri IIT foundation, Hyderabad.

3. To run the school efficiently, School is divided into three wings.

  • 1) Pre-Primary
  • 2) Primary
  • 3) High School.
They are supervised by three Assistant HM’s. this helps for the smooth administration and helps in paying individual attention on every pupil.

4. Awards: To encourage the students, awards are presented to meritorious students by the society and by personal sponsors. This boosts the spirit of awards and will Motivate other students. “RBVRR Society Awards” is declared to students who score cent percent in Mathematics in SSC Examination. Study Medal to the topper of the each class, Attendance Medal – to 100% attendances scorers of each class, Handwriting Medal – to best handwriting student of each class, Conduct Medal – to the student with good conduct. Some awards are sponsored to best excellent student of the class. The “Swapna Memorial Award” is declared to topper of this school. This award is sponsored by Smt. Sunitha in memory of her beloved daughter late Swapna who was our ex-student. “Lalitha Malla Reddy Award” is sponsored for highest scorer in science.

5) “Venkatrama Reddy Award is sponsored by Mr. L. Venkatrama Reddy State Secretary AP Olympics Association to outstanding sports persons of the year. Besides this, our toppers receive Pratiba Awards declared by the Government for outstanding scoring in X class. Parent-Teacher Meetings: To discuss the performance and behaviour of the children in academic and in general if any, the school has adopted a tradition of holding parent Teacher Meetings after every term exam.


Every Year Installation of students parliament, Vanomohatsavam, RBVRR Birthday, Teachers day, Children’s day, Republic day, Independence day and Sanchayika (Student Banking Day) farewell day are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Annual Day:

To awaken the hidden talents and to enlighten the students Annual Day is celebrated in three different way in three consecutive year

  • 1) Vignan Mela,
  • 2) Sports day,
  • 3) Cultural Fest.

Educational Tours:

Every year educational tours are conducted outside AP and within Andhra Pradesh, Field Trips are also arranged to enrich school curriculum. Extra Curricular Activities: Our school gives utmost importance to other activities apart from the academic interest. This helps in bringing about great confidence in child and helps in achieving the higher level. Every day one hour sports is compulsory to the student from V class. They are trained in different games like

  • Basket Ball
  • Hand ball
  • Shuttle
  • TT Skating
  • Karate
  • Kabaddi
  • Volley Ball
and other indoor games under the guidance of well trained physical directors. Apart from these other activities like vocal Music, Dance, Drawing and Yoga classes are conducted.

Friday Activity:

Fridays are marked to allow the children and teachers to engage themselves in activities like debates, Quiz, Cultural activities in the last two periods. Every Friday is enveloped with full of fun, the whole school is in a state of excitement.


“Todays children are Tomorrow’s citizens” NCC group was raised on 1st April 2003 under 12 (A) Bn with an aim to develop character, Comradeship, Ideal of science and capacity for leadership in the youth of the country. Introduction into NCC is on Voluntary basis and students both boys/girls of 13yrs. age can join in JD/JW. 100 students presently are enrolled as cadets. They have attended 4 camps held at Nagaram, Karimnagar and Sangareddy. NCC day is celebrated in November every year. Children excelled in firing and Rifle shooting competitions.


Is introduced in the year 2004 to the students upto the age of 12 years.


Year plan according to the number of working days is prepared in the beginning of every Academic year. School dairy is given to every child where day to day activities are noted down. School Parliament election will be held in the month of June and New Cabinet with portfolios will be installed in a small ceremony. The school office bearer pledge their loyalty and promise to carry out their responsibilities to keep the school banner fly high. Every national festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Children exhibit their talents in various competitions like

  • Rangoli,
  • painting
  • flower decoration
  • singing
  • dancing etc.,
competitions are held between Inter
  • groups – Roses
  • Daffodils
  • Shamrocks
  • Blue Bells.
In the 1st term vacation pleasure cum Educational tour is organized for High School Students.

For upper primary children 1-2 days trips will be arranged. To encourage primary children “Discover and Develop’ programme is conducted where they visit Bank, post office, Radio station etc. On the ‘communal day’ – students raise the funds for benefit of community and programmes on awareness of AIDS etc are conducted. One week NCC camp will be held twice in the year at different places where they participate in

  • firing,
  • rifle shooting,
  • rock climbing competitions.
A part from Intramural sports many State and National Level Competitions in various sports are held every year

List of students who participated in various science fare competitions across the country:

  • 1) G. Anusha & A. Mounika won A.P. State Prize - 2001, Shimoga Karnataka.
  • 2) V. Veena & P. Bhavya won A.P. State Prize - 2005, Secundrabad, A.P.
  • 3) K. Alekhya & M. Snehitha won Best Industrial Award - Thirchi, Tamilnadu.
  • 4) M. Keerthana and G. Supriya won Best Industrial Award - Kurnool, Kerala.

National Level:

  • Nalanda Science Exhibition – 2002 Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
    T. Vishaka Reddy,R. Gowtham,R. Meghan.
    Renewable Source of Energy, 3000/- Cash Award
  • Nalanda Science Seminor – 2002 Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh.
    G. Anusha Reddy
    Remote Sensing Applications for National Development and Impediments – State 2nd
  • Jawahar Lal Nehru National Science Exhibition for Children - 2003 Dehradun, Uttaranchal.
    M.Neha Reddy,G. Akhila,G. Sweya
    Remote Sensing Applications for National Development and Impediments.
  • National Children Science Congress - 2003 Luknow, Uttar Pradesh in Ankapur Village
    G. Apoorva Reddy
    Agricultural Practices
  • 32nd Jawahar Lal Nehru National Science Exhibition for Children - 2004 Raipur, Chattisgarh.
    V. Veena,P. Bhavya
    Prevention & Control
  • 12th National Science Congress - 2004 , Assam in rural India.
    To find the cause of Water bone diseases
  • 13th National Science Congress - 2005 Mariapuram,Cuddapah
    C. Krishna Kanth
    Industrial Waste Water Management.
  • 14th National Science Congress - 2006 Kurnool, A.P.
    N. Raveena
    Pond Ecology
  • State Level Science Seminor 2007 Kurnool, A.P
    G. Paramitha
    Global Climate Change and its impact
  • 16th National Science Congress - 2008 Vijayanagarm, A.P.
    P. Sreethika,N. Ravali
    Survey on Bio-Medical Waste Management in Nizamabad Town
  • 36th Jawahar Lal Nehru National Level Science Exhibition – 2009,Kolkata, West Bengal.
    M. Keerthana,G. Supriya
    Low cost Mathematical Laboratory
  • Sports Achievers:

  • 1) M. Neha Reddy
    participated in National Level Basket Ball Tournament, State Level Swimming Competition and won Three silver medals.
  • 2) M. Punith
    participated in National Level Foot Ball Tournament held at Haryana.
  • 3) P. Venkatnarayana Raj
    won 1st Prize Gold Medal in Archery, 48th National School Games Championships.
  • 4) A. Rashmitha
    won Gold Medal in State Level Kabaddi, Bronze Medal in State Level Volley Ball, participated in National Level Soft Ball.
  • The month of February is usually the month of competition because competition like C.V. Raman Test, Unified Council, NCERT, Science Olympiad Test, Macmillan Science Talent Test are held. studies are nev neglected in RBVRR – special exam curriculum is prepared for X students. They complete their syllabus in the month of November and start Revision tests, 4 revision tests and pre-final is conducted before the final exam Schedule. Final exams will be mostly in the month of March. Once final exams are completed in March for IX class tenth subjects are taught to them upto April End.

    Winning Soldiers of the School:

    Si. No. Name of the topper in ssc Marks Scored
    1 A. Supriya 1992-1993 528
    2 P. Aravindh Reddy 1992-1994 498
    3 L.V. Satish Kumar 1992-1995 538
    4 G. Kalyani (State 9th) 1992-1996 551
    5 K. Swapna (State 10th) 1992-1996 550
    1 P.C.S.V. Ramana Reddy 1992-1997 550
    7 P. Sai Krishna 1992-1998 532
    8 Archana Kedia 1992-1999 540
    9 B. Manwi 1999-2000 551
    10 Parameshwari 2000-2001 564
    11 Ch. Narendra 2001-2002 545
    12 Ravalika Prasunna 2002-2003 544
    13 Sharadha 2003-2004 570
    14 Raj Kumar 2004-2005 536
    15 L. Sushma 2005-2006 559
    16 Jathin Puri 2006-2007 559
    17 N. Raveena (Eamcet Top Ranker in Medicine) 2007-2008 -
    18 K. Sneha 2006-2007 568
    19 P.Pooja 2007-2008 565
    20 V. Arthisha Reddy 2008-2009 555
    21 N. Raghuveer 2008-2009 555




    Batch year Head Boy Head Girl
    1 1992-1993 2007-2008 2007-2008
    2 1993-1994 2007-2008 2007-2008
    3 1994-1995 2007-2008 2007-2008
    4 1995-1996 2007-2008 2007-2008
    5 1996-1997 2007-2008 2007-2008
    6 1997-1998 2007-2008 2007-2008
    7 2008-2009 2007-2008 2007-2008
    8 2009-2000 2007-2008 2007-2008
    9 2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008
    10 2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008
    11 2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008
    12 2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008
    13 2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008
    14 2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008
    15 2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008
    16 2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008
    17 2007-2008 2007-2008 2007-2008