Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy was a pioneer in Social Service. He was a legendary and visionary in the fields of Education and Community development. Having been influenced by his epic Saga of Service towards Reddy community a few noblemen of Nizamabad have decided to emulate his work in Eradicating prevailing Social Evils and also provide a platform for Good Education for the members of Reddy Community. On 7th of Dec 1980 Late Sri G. Malla Reddy Late Sri J. Hanmanth Reddy, Sri G. Ganga Reddy, Late Sri K. Naveen Reddy and Late Sri E. Ramachandra Reddy have met and initiated action for the formation of a society especially for the cause of Reddy Community. This Society was named as Raja Bahadur Venkata Rama Reddy Society and it started functioning in January 1981.

This society was founded in January 1981. The main objective was to promote the well being of the rural agricultural people and to safe guard their rights and interests for their upliftment and to promote social unity.

The founders have started this school in a rented building at kanteshwar in 1981-82. Later with the dedicated efforts of the then society, foundation stone was laid on 31st January 1982 after purchasing 7 acres of land of this present premises.

To help improve the Standards of Education of Reddy students.

To empower the Women development.

To support and provide an assistance for elder members of the society.

To help the Society Evolve as per the changing world but with same guiding Moral Values which made Reddy Community the pioneers amongst other communities.


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