Welcome to R.B.V.R.R SOCIETY

To implement and execute the Guiding Principles of our Society 4 subcommittees have been formed viz

(A) Alambana Committee

(B) Education Committee

(C) Hostel Committee

(D) Women’s Welfare Committee.


The word AALAMBANA means giving support in all aspects. So to take care of those parents who are at the threshold of sunset of their lives a HOME for Senior Citizens has been established in the year 2000-2001 in a Area of 4 ½ Acres at Mubaraknagar 3kms from Nizamabad.

This committee is headed by a Vice President & 7 members. At present there are 41 inmates who are provided excellent life style with all possible humane care and love.


Education is Nation Building activity. A school is not a building where a few children are confined in closed classrooms and bits of information are transferred to their brains.

A school is an organic system of transforming young children into responsible citizens. The objective of the transformation is to build a strong, vibrant Nation. For a Nation to be strong and vibrant, its citizens should be physically strong, intellectually sound, morally upright, spiritually awakened and must have faith in the Nation's values and culture.

RBVRR Educational Society strives to mould the character of every child under its care and to develop their whole personality in a harmonious and positive way, which alone will bring about a qualitative change in their lives. In short, R.B.V.R.R. Educational Society strives to educate students not just for a living, but for life itself.


It was thought that to improve the lot of rural students a better living ambience should be provided to them. This will help them to study on par with urban students. Towards achieving this ideal a hostel was envisaged with the benevolence of the Hon’ble Justice Sri B. Jeevan Reddy and his brother Sri Seetharam Reddy .This Hostel constructed in the year 31-01-1982 was named after their father Sri Benjaram Bhooma Reddy. A separate Ladies Hostel in the name of Sri K. Ananth Reddy was constructed in the year 5-5-2009. Around 250 students are nurtured here to reach the zenith of their life. They are imparted education in all aspects of life including academics. Hygiene and Health are given utmost priority in the hostel life. 12 tutors tend to students who need remedial classes. As a policy 10% of the reddy’s get free hostel facility. Many of the former inmates who are now employed around the world stand testimony to the philanthropy and community development program of RBVRR Society. A vice President & chairman along with 4 members coordinate the functioning of the Hostel on a daily basis.


Realising the role of the Woman in building a Community and believing that “Empowerment of Women leads to empowerment of Society” a Women’s Welfare committee has been promoted. This committee strives to enlighten women members of the community in eradicating prevalent social evils. It helps them attain economic independence. A platform is provided to raise their voice against traditions which are unnecessary and at times inhuman. This committee helps in inculcating Familial values in consonance with the changing trends of the society at large. Higher education for girl child is an accepted norm now thanks to the efforts of this committee. This committee has a Vice President and 10 members to empower the women activities.